If you are a company and you are looking to offer meaningful, locally made, eco-responsible products for your clients and collaborators, we've got what you need! We created curated gift boxes that range from 15 to 40 USD. Gifts can go a long way, especially if they have a positive impact on the maker, our planet and small businesses. Check out our corporate catalog below, and please reach out to us to order one of our options, or custom made your own. Send us an email to hello@kindlyshop.com 

Why Kindly Shop?

Kindly Shop was created during the times of pandemic when our own businesses had come to a halt. We felt the need to contribute to the reactivation of small businesses and above all, encourage the local population to support them. We decided to create a platform that would allow artisans and creators from Panama to sell their products online, and not only locally, but also internationally.

We have found that shopping has become such an automated process in most consumers lives. People tend to stick to a routine and to what they consider to be safe purchases. With an abundance of talent and skilled artisans in Latin America, we want to make sure they are getting the spotlight they deserve. As we continue to grow our platform across Latin America, we are proud to represent not only a curated community of artisans in Panama, but also neighboring countries. We hope to inspire people to become aware of the purchases they make: where their products come from, who makes them, what social and environmental impact they have, etc.

Kindly Shop is not just about the products that lay within it, but about the stories that are attached to them.

About Us

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Brittany moved to Panama in 2010 looking for a slightly warmer life. Although Brittany's success comes for her career as a restauranteur, she is holds a passion to support local producers and artisans, which is a constant in her restaurants as well.

Adriana is Bolivian. She enters Kindly Shop from the social world, NGO / UN. She lived in six countries between Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia. She is the founder of Keara Bags, Adriana, she is equally passionate about companies that drive change, whose main component is social impact.

Chevy is a cinematographer and filmmaker dedicated to capturing the deep nuances of human experiences, with a particular focus on women's stories. Her international work includes documentary partnerships, intimate commissions, and large-scale commercial projects that align with social impact narratives.

Juan, originally from Caracas, Venezuela, has contributed via his extensive experience in corporate finance in different industries, including sustainable offshore aquaculture, which he has been doing since 2015 in Panama.