Welcome to your Acomodo Rental!

This box holds a few locally handmade products for you to use during your stay or take home as a souvenir. In collaboration with Acomodo, Kindly Shop brings you this local experience right to your fingertips. Feel free to browse the website and read artisan stories from all over Panama, with over 500 different products to choose from.

La Musa Hot Sauce

Born and raised in Bocas Del Toro, Joseph has become a recognized chef here in Panama. He's worked around the global, but also had the priviledge of working under michelin chefs in France before returning to Panama to open two restaurants of his own.

This hot sauce holds the real Bocas flavor. Made from handpicked aji peppers and smoked in coconut skin, it's definitely a winner in our pantry section.

Punta Coco Soap

Skincare doesn't get more local than this. Punta Coco was first created in a solar powered facility in Bocas del Toro, on Panama’s Caribbean coast with pure passion for extraordinary botanical ingredients such as raw coconut, cacao, and moringa. Products by Punta Coco are carefully formulated using only natural and organic ingredients sourced from local organic farms in the archipelago.

Rogusta Coffee

In the midst of beautiful mountains and small valleys with perfect microclimates for coffee cultivation, the Hacienda Rogusta, located and operating since 2008, is a self-sustaining family farm where we harvest pure coffee, free of pesticides and herbicides.