Bálsamo de Menta para Manos y Pies

Proveedor Di.toxx


Excelente para suavizar y proteger manos y pies. Un poco rinde mucho y la absorción total toma aproximadamente de 10 a 15 minutos. Úselo para ayudar en el masaje y para un efecto relajante. ¡La excusa perfecta para levantar y elevar esos pies cansados!


  • Hojas de menta
  • Aceite de coco
  • Aceite de oliva
  • Cera de abejas
  • Aceites esenciales

Talla: 4 onzas

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Care Instructions

Do not let water get inside it, coconut oil solidifies at room temperature so it's natural for this to happen if kept in a cool space, but after exposed to a warm temperture, it recovers it's liquid state. Do not worry, this does not affect it's quality. Shelf life of about 19 months.

How to Use

Shake well, apply before exposing yourself to the sun. Remember that if your skin is sensitive to the sun, its recommended to apply a sunblock base and then the tannin oil. Reapply as needed, especially when getting out of the water.


Papaya infusion in coconut oil enhanced by Frankincense essential oil. 100% organic product.


Di.toxx is a brand founded on love and respect. Self- love is the highest form of rebellion, in this world where we are pressured to be anything that’s trending we choose to be true; which is why our services and products are not only based on quality but purpose; we know better we do better; we feel better we are better; and that has a ripple effect, where simplicity leads you to discovery. Our raw materials are carefully sourced we choose sustainability over speed; quality over quantity. Simplicity and expertise in craft is our promise simple oils extraordinary results; our blends will change your skin for the better.

Health is the true wealth

Our products are created using ingredients with the highest quality. Anything you cannot consume you should not put on your skin. Our skin is the largest organ and our defense against the outside world. We harness the power of nature to bring you the purest ingredients so your skin can receive true nourishment without any side effects. Our products are sustainably sourced and organic; reef safe and never tested on animals.