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Aromatherapy Roll-Ons

by Lila

ssential oils can be with you at all times and in all places. With our blends, guided by Ayurvedic wisdom, in a convenient Roll-on presentation, you can have the benefits of aromatherapy with you wherever you go.

Size 10mL


Calma - Orange and Geranium Essential Oil Blend

This blend has a sweet and moisturizing scent that combines geranium and orange to provide calm and moisture. Geranium oil is a gift for women given its effect on the menstrual cycle. Provides balance, calm and serves as an anti-depressant. Thanks to the fact that it contains phyto-estrogen, it is very useful during menopause.

It is highly appreciated for moisturizing the skin and helps with any skin problem by promoting balance. Orange oil, for its part, is also very good for the care of dry skin. It is very useful to open the heart so it helps to relieve sadness, nervousness and anxiety. Recommended to decrease and balance Vata dosha.

Cool - Peppermint and Lavender Essential Oil Blend

In our "Cool" blend we have combined two essential oils: mint and lavender. Lavender is the essential oil par excellence, if you are tired or stressed it will relax you. If you are depressed it will help lift your spirits. If you are upset or very tense it will calm you down. It is also an excellent scent for children.

Peppermint is excellent for a headache and cough, it is stimulating and revitalizing. This blend is the best for balancing Pitta dosha by being refreshing.

Flow - Eucalyptus and Cloves Essential Oil Blend

This is the mix you need when you want to flow, clear your mind, and jump into action. With the properties of eucalyptus and cloves, it is excellent for balancing Kapha dosha.

Eucalyptus helps to relieve respiratory conditions, it has a drying effect (reduces humidity) by reducing the production of oils. It is a warm oil that promotes mental clarity and is recommended for use in compresses. Clove oil, with its characteristic aroma and warm effect, is excellent for moments of mental exhaustion and fatigue.

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