Beach Ready Box

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This combination of elements is all you need to enjoy a day by the beach, or by the pool. Get beach/vacation ready, with amazing products that care for our environment and our own well being. The box contains: 

A recycled plastic java bag. Handwoven with recycled, eco-friendly plastic. This elegant basket bag has been specifically designed for exceptional endurance and resistance to wear and tear.

Brand: Canela 

A tie dye blanket towel. This beach blanket is hand made and dyed in Panama City by L'Atelier. This piece doubles as a blanket or towel. Choose from four colors available: pink, indigo, turquoise and green!

Gold sunglasses chain with colorful details handmade in Panama.

Brand: L'Atelier

Bye Bye Bites Repellent. Made with almond oil and a secret combination of essential oils. Works against mosquitos and chitras. 2 onz. 

Brand: Blissful Grace

Towel Color