Blue Whale Planter

Proveedor Gato Solo


These funky colorful flowerpots come from recycled toys. Every piece is one of a kind, so choose one that represents you best!

*Does not include plant.

Dimensions: 8cm Wide x 24cm Long


Our history as entrepreneurs:
Sisters, born in Venezuela, of Italian nationality, in love with Panama and its biodiversity. Lovers of design and fervent believers that life is worth living through art, textures and color.
Although our professions are far from a degree in arts (Andrea, 34 years old, Industrialist, and Claudia, 30 years old, Engineer), design has always been present in our family nucleus and in our daily lives. When we arrived in Panama, in the first week of moving, on the way home we found a green toucan feeding on a traffic light, and flying happily through the city. For us, finding a city immersed in nature where green in all its shades reign in peace with its inhabitants, and where rain is part of daily life, is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.