Cocoa Sunscreen

Proveedor Cacao Blessings


Topical use. Apply every 2 hours on the skin.

Ingredients: Cocoa, achiote, beeswax, non nano zinc, cold-pressed coconut oil, vitamin E, lemon grass and aloe vera. 


All of our packaging is reusable.

How to Use

Topical use. Apply every 2 hours on the skin.

Care Instructions

Keep sealed with the lid.

Cacao Blessings

We are a social micro-enterprise that offers natural cocoa products and real chocolate. We provide authentic chocolate experiences for a better understanding of the benefits of this superfood, from its origin to how and when to consume it.

Cocoa Blessings is Nature. And cocoa is a sacred food! We source our organic raw material directly from indigenous women in Bocas del Toro, Panama who produce artisanal cocoa in small quantities. We work hand in hand with cocoa farmers in the region to foster healthy and fair relationships, with them and with Mother Earth.

Behind Cacao Blessings

Carolina Lescure, artisan chocolatier, founded the brand and leads this adventure. The process begins in the farm where cocoa farmers plant, harvest, ferment, roast and grind our cocoa by hand. Then the raw material arrives at the Chocolate Workshop where Chocolatiers make cocoa products.
The recipes have been developed by all! And now Yonalin Delgado, founding partner of the Choco Bar Bocas @chocobarbocas, has joined our team, an innovative venture born to offer different forms of chocolate, from traditional drinks, chocolates, to desserts where cocoa is the main ingredient!

About Cacao Blessings

  • Socially Responsible

    We lead socio-environmental projects and programs to preserve the tropical forest, increase environmental awareness, and empower locals with knowledge and tools given that the majority of the indigenous population in Panama still lives in poverty, with little access to human development and education.

  • Preserving a Legacy

    “Preserve ancient farming methods and honor the true keepers of wisdom.”
    The Cacao Blessings was born with the intention to keep alive the inherited legacy of hand processed cocoa, and to recognize the beautiful work of the women Cocoa farmers in Bocas del Toro, Panama.

  • We are all important!

    Our slogan "People to Bar" highlights the importance of the entire production chain until reaching the final consumer. We are all important! We all deserve to have access to inclusive opportunities and good nutrition.