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Cool Box


This small box is a great gift for your mom, a friend or for your self! Contains the perfect elements to cool down and enjoy a moment of peace. 

An aromatherapy roll on, with a blend of peppermint and lavender essential oil. 

Lavender is the essential oil par excellence, if you are tired or stressed it will relax you. If you are depressed it will help lift your spirits. If you are upset or very tense it will calm you down. It is also an excellent scent for children.

Brand: Lila

A rescue balm; helps moisturize parched skin. It is an organic and healthy alternative to petrolatum (vaseline). 

Brand: Prisma Organics

An artisanal oatmeal soap. Contains: oats, honey, olive, coconut and castor oils. 100gr. 

Brand: Aroma's Sweet Scents

This box comes with the beautiful packaging that you can see in the pictures! Contact us if you wish to add a personalized note or card!