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Dried Mangos Chile & Lemon

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Dehydrated mango with chili and lemon. Made in Finca San Nicolas del Tajo, a 50 hectare estate located en route to La Laguna de Chame, Panama.

Ana Victoria and her family planted the very first mango trees in their finca, and have been perfecting the recipe for dehydrated mangos over and over again until they made the perfect, natural, organic and most delicious snack. They also needed to find a nutritious snack for their toddlers (twins!). So you can be sure that these mangos come with a 100% satisfaction toddler seal of approval!

No preservatives, no gluten, no added sugar.

El Héroe Picantito comes in different sizes: Small (100 g), Medium (150 g) , and Large (300 g). 

Learn more about Finca San Nicolás here.