Almohada Para Ojos


Las almohadas para los ojos ayudan a mejorar el estado de ánimo, sirven como remedio para los ojos cansados, ayudan a aliviar los dolores de cabeza y son ideales para conciliar el sueño. Puedes enfriarlos y calentarlos según tu gusto o necesidad. Están elaborados con aceite esencial de lavanda y semillas. 

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How to Use

Can be used hot or cold.


They are made of natural fabric and seeds infused with lavender essential oil.


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Lila is a Panamanian company to combat stress through wellness practices such as Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, etc. Its commercial objective is to provide the products that are used for these practices.

We want everyone to find a way to relax, to find balance and well-being, and this is achieved through a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is like a four-legged table, it is based on exercise, good nutrition, stress management and surrounding ourselves with people who love and support us.

Itzel Díaz, founder of Lila, had been doing Pilates for several years and dabbled in yoga and meditation.

Their Process

At Lila we use seeds and rice husks to fill our products, as an eco-friendly alternative to the use of plastic fillings. When using rice husk, it is NOT necessary to:

- Worry about irritability or carcinogenic substances in dust or fibers.

- Rely on fossil fuels, for the manufacture of filling

-Invest energy to crush, cut, crumble, stabilize, etc.

-Add inhibitors or retardants to prevent fires.

In addition, good use is made of the rice husks, which is one of the main crops in Panama. If we do not use it, the rice husk would be burned. This is what we call Up-cycling!