Té de Jengibre Fermentado

Proveedor Korean Momma


6 oz de magia de jengibre fermentado. El té de jengibre de Korean Momma es un alimento básico saludable y multiusos que todo hogar debería tener. 

Elaborados con precisión y cuidado, estos frascos de oro líquido están llenos de bondad probiótica. Fermentado durante más de 6 meses, este té ayuda a mantener un intestino limpio y saludable. El té de jengibre de Korean Momma facilita el proceso de digestión y ayuda a mantener el bienestar general.

Lo llamamos té para dar un ejemplo, pero se puede usar de muchas maneras. Normalmente 1 cucharada en una taza de agua caliente para el té tradicional.

  • Agréguelo al agua fría con gas y conviértalo en un refresco tipo cerveza de jengibre
  • Marinar el cerdo con él (genial con un poco de salsa tamari, mirin y ajo)
  • Úselo como aderezo para ensaladas
  • Haz un cóctel de jengibre, como un Whisky Sour con el té.

Sugerencias de cuidado:
Una vez abierto, se recomienda conservar en nevera. Pero si vive en un área fresca, puede mantenerla a temperatura ambiente. Es natural ver crecer algunos hongos si los dejas en ambientes fecundos. Si lo ve, simplemente sáquelo y siga disfrutando del té. Cuanto más tiempo pasa, se vuelve vintage. La fermentación es un proceso sin fin. ¡Cuanto más tiempo, más valioso!


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How to Use

We call it a tea to give an example, but it can be used in so many ways. Normally 1 table spoon in on cup of hot water for the traditional tea. Add to cold gassy water and make it into a ginger beer type soda Marinate pork with it (great with some tamari sauce, mirin & garlic) Use it as a salad dressing Make a ginger cocktail, like a Whiskey Sour using the tea.

Care Instructions

Once it is opened, recommended to store in fridge. But if you live in a cool area, you can keep it room temperature. It's natural to see some fungus grow if you leave it in environments that are fecund. If you see it, just scoop it out and keep enjoying the tea. The more time passes, it becomes vintage. Fermentation is a never ending process. The more time the the more valuable!

Korean Momma

Korean Momma derives from its name, my mother. It was in 2013 on a visit to Panama that I caught her up all night peeling ginger and preparing this golden liquid. Next morning I found five large containers on the kitchen table and my mom standing with her luggages ready to get on a flight. She was always a good cook, but this is the first time she shared a recipe with me. 

I was later invited to the first Mercado Pop-Up in Panama City. We helped them with the graphic design so they let us have a stand. With absolutely no idea what to sell, I discovered 5 large containers of ginger tea my mom had made 6 months ago. It had fermented to perfection. My friend took a picture of my face, made a make-shift logo and we packaged them into 16oz ball jars. All of it. When the Mercado opened, we sold out in the first 2 hou

A Family Receipe

Traditionally Korean food always has well-being in mind. The ginger tea is an incredibly powerful health food not just because it's fermented (which creates probiotic benefits), but because it's ginger! Ginger is a staple ingredient in all eastern medicine. So that just has to be mega healthy. Also, since my wife is into well-being, that reflects a lot in what we make. We are naturally always looking for better ways to consume food, and making our vices a little bit more healthy. 

We call it a tea to give an example, but it can be used in so many ways. Normally 1 table spoon in on cup of hot water for the traditional tea. But you can also use it in simple soda and make it into a ginger beer. I love marinating pork with it with some tamari sauce and mirin plus garlic. You can use it as a salad dressing. Amano Bar makes the Korean Momma Sour cocktail, which is basically a Whiskey Sour using the tea. Works well in a Moscow Mule too. I've seen people bake ginger cookies as well. With Korean Momma Ginger Tea, the world is your oyster and pearl.