Glazed Clay Saucepan

Proveedor Lavanda De Plantas


Glazed saucepan with lid, functional for cooking and / or serving. 

Apart from being beautiful, different and an original addition for your kitchen, these are the benefits of cooking in clay saucepans: 

  • It can be used over fire or oven
  • You can cook dry foods or stews
  • It can be used for very long periods providing greater flavor to your meals
  • Keeps your food warmer for longer periods of time

This beautiful piece is made by local artisans in Panama, the girls from Lavanda De Plantas go through the interior of the country to work in collaboration with artisans. 


LaVanda de Plantas offers products made with sustainable materials made by Panamanian artisans from different areas of the country. Currently they have focused on pots, baskets and household products, but the opportunities are endless.

Their mission is to return to the natural, minimize the artificial and enhance the local.

LaVanda De Plantas

In the middle of a pandemic in the concrete jungle, 

a movement was born.

People who, with the help of plants, 

returned to the depths of their soul.

To a world where vegetation reigned and peace abounded.

We know that a plant brightens any place and makes a house a home.

We also believe that what a craftsman does 

with their hands deserves to be admired.