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Proveedor Hilo Crudo


 The cotton thread of the Vera Sandals is made with cotton fabrics from the clothing industry. To get the color, we don't dye the fiber, instead we choose garments of similar colors, break the fabric down into cotton fiber again, and then spin the fiber to create cotton yarn. This manufacturing process reduces water consumption by half and reduces CO2 emissions very significantly.


Hilo Crudo

Lisbeth Rodríguez is a weaver who brings her soul to the threads in a beautiful process in which the Raw Thread begins to speak and
become a unique piece, with its own personality, beauty and autonomy.

“I adore textile design in all its forms, I have always been very interested in what your hands create, because they are the form of expression of being, I love crafts, they are the path that has led me to marvel at my creations, and I they have allowed me to feel, recognize and express myself in the fabric, And as William Blake says when I knit I only remember: “I will not reason, nor will I compare;
my task is to create”.

My inspiration

“Through Hilo Crudo I connect with my hands and with the art that I share with artisans and with people who love handmade products. It is my gift, my legacy of expression and creativity that allows me to do from within, and on many occasions to heal the soul with my hands, to feel that what I have filled with love can look beautiful in one piece, it fills me with joy and desire. share it with the world."