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by Kapikua

The fabric of the Lainguz piece is made by hand with organic cotton threads woven on pedal loom. A special technique is used to weave the threads with loose tension making it a very light wear.

This piece is available in two color combinations:

Blue & White Shades: the blue shade comes from the process of dyeing over wood fire with indigo plants. While the white shade comes from natural cotton, without the need to dye.

Green & Brown Shades: the green shade comes from a double dye bath process over wood fire, extracting color from indigo and pericón plants, while the brown shade comes from coyuchi cotton or naturally colored cotton, without the need to dye.

The Lainguz piece is a representation of Inguz runes, woven by hand using the ancient technique of reverse appliqué Mola. This technique originated from the Guna culture, closely connected to the stars and the spiritual realm. The Viking rune Inguz originates from the Celtic culture and symbolizes fertility after rooting an intention and represents regeneration and new beginnings.

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