Obsidian Eclipse Pendant

Proveedor Kakao Culture


Polished Obsidian Silver Wrapped Pendant.

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I am Jonathan Morales, I was born in in the city of David, Chiriquí Panama 1985. I’m happily married and blessed with 2 marvelous and healthy children.

Making jewelry has been a process that started when I was 15. When I began to develop a great interest in the arts and in trips and excursions through which to learn about our and other cultures that shape us.

What started as a hobby to elaborate my own pieces (necklaces, bracelets, anklets, etc.) using as my first materials, shells, seeds, bamboo, and other treasures from nature, transformed into a passion, in a way of expression and in turn one of the most effective ways to see the world (travel) and in my case I discovered myself and it gave me inspirations of the style that characterizes my pieces. I use a set of techniques with different materials trying to always keep the essence of the cultures from where they come. In turn each one is special and has its own character which gives it a complete feel once it has found its owner.

Always inspired by the wonders of Mother Earth, in the perfect balance of its creation, and in some way trying to imitate this balance with my designs and hoping to transmit the same harmony to who is wearing it 


There is no artist bigger than Mother Earth, who with infinite patience and the perfect combination of ingredients that creates the most wonderful creations that one way or another forms “To breathe them, to see them, to feel them, to eat them” reminds us that we are one.

One with the metals, minerals and all the elements that form it. This is why from the beginning of times, the human being has used these minerals in the fabrication of ornaments and pieces that constitute a very important part of our expression and representation of who we are as individuals, unique and special.