Original Sweet Almond Bread

Proveedor Leda


Original Sweet Almond Bread.

Gluten free, sugar free, additive free, dairy free. Keto friendly. If you like to maintain a healthy lifestyle, if you are a fan of bread and healthy eating in general, all our products are especially for you. They are gluten free, sugar free low carb. What's healthier if it's suitable for diabetics and coeliacs?

Perfect for a breakfast. Pairs well with coffee or tea or yogurt. It's a guilt-free treat.



Approx. Size 470-500g


Almond flour, coconut flour, olive oil, egg, monk fruit sweetener, vanilla.


Paper mold and transparent cellophane cover, reusable.


A Panamanian brand with a Ukrainian heart. I am Valeria. A Ukrainian who loves Panama and Panamanian products.

I make home-made granola and bread with all natural and locally sourced ingredients, focused on a healthy lifestyle. My products are perfect if you ar celiac or enjoy guilt-free savory and nutritious snacks.