Rub & Scrub

Proveedor Essenza


Rub & Scrub is a cleaning paste formulated for the deepest cleaning. Helps remove excess grease and dirt from various surfaces while taking care of your health and that of those you love most. 

The ESSENZA of what we do is in organic essential oils with wonderful properties for cleaning and disinfecting your spaces. Experience its aromas without artificial fragrances and give a new meaning to the care of your family.


Sodium bicarbonate, sodium lauryl sulfate (derived from palm oil), coconut betaine (derived from coconut oil), decyl glucoside (derived from sugar and coconut), essential oils (white fir, fir, siberian, tea tree, lemon), citric acid, sodium sulfate, sodium chloride (table salt), potassium hydroxide, acetum (white vinegar)


8oz / 16oz

How to Use

Use it for a deeper wash of your pots, toilets, shower floors and glass, sinks, stainless steel surfaces with hard water marks, linens and anywhere else you need an "extra help".


Message From The Founder

Hi there! I'm Tanya, founder of Essenza: Rethink Clean. This project was born out of my passion for essential oils in December 2019.

My desire to improve my family's quality of life and health by using essential oils inspired me to create Essenza: toxic-free cleaning and personal care products that do the job of cleaning, but are also beneficial for our health. I am a true believer that these types of products do not necessarily have to be harmful to be effective.

Today I want to bring this wish to Panamanian families and be able to offer them options made with quality clean ingredients that allow them to have lives full of well-being and health.


Essenza is a brand of toxic-free cleaning and personal care products, made with organic essential oils, gentle on the skin, eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free and made locally with love and good energy :).

As our slogan says, we believe that Rethink Clean is worth rethinking the way we clean our homes and our bodies. After all, these are our sanctuaries and what else do we want than to protect them. We invite you to be part of our clean world, a world where you will find options to keep your “sanctuaries” clean, and above all, healthy!