Seed Project T-shirts

Proveedor Esse Canvas


Basic round neck t-shirt, sleeveless, loose fit.

Each t-shirt is unique. They have been hand dyed with avocado seeds. Yes, you got it right: avocado seeds are what create this amazing earthy color. Some t-shirts have darker tones and other lighter ones, making the t-shirt look a little bit whiter.

You can choose between light or dark dye from the available sizes: S, M, L. Needless to say that these t-shirts are genderless, everybody can rock them.

Made of 100% Peruvian pima cotton. Stained with organic avocado residues supplied by a local restaurant in Panama City. The two fantastic girls from Esse Canvas are the ones who take care of the whole dying process

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Esse Canvas

At the beginning, we wanted to share conversations and reflections that we usually had in an artistic manner. We wanted something flexible, with movement (why not?). An art that is transmitted organically and that travels the world.

So, we found our perfect canvas: A T-SHIRT. A basic piece of white, comfortable and versatile, where each design is the abstraction of a thread of thoughts and has its particular meaning, seeking that each person interpret and enjoy it in their own way.

Our purpose is to spark conversations and connections, which begin with us and continue with you, thus creating a collective process.