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Serenidad Box


We curated a selection of high quality, clean & natural beauty, and self care products to compose the Serenidad gift box. The box contains the following amazing products:

Neck Pillow. Prevents neck and back pain, use it while you're seated or while you're laying down.

Brand: Lila

Lavender Vanilla Scented Candle from Aroma's Sweet Scents // OR // Magical Joy Meditation Candle from SattvasLives

elysian Renewal Soap. Brightens dark areas and blemishes on the skin.

Brand: Punto Suave

Rescue Balm. This balm will nourish your hands, feet, lips. It is the perfect replacement for Vaseline. Petroleum free.

Brand: Prisma Organics

Lavender Mist. Spray some just before going to bed, or in your car when you're stuck in traffic.

Brand: Lila

Clay Mask. Antioxidant rich ingredients and healing clay will exfoliate, lightly cleanse and detoxify your complexion. The essential oils calm, balance and aid in cell regeneration. Perfect for all skin types.

Lavender Body Soap. Made with natural cocoa butter and has a lavender essence.

Brand: Prisma Organics

Natural Coconut Lip Balm. Highly moisturizing and protective lip balm derived from a coconut oil base

Organic garden tea, lemon grass and cacao.

Brand: Up In The Hill

This box comes with the beautiful packaging that you can see in the pictures! Contact us if you wish to add a personalized note or card!