Signature Blend

Proveedor The Sweetest Dude


For our signature blend we wanted to create a smooth, creamy, nutty and chocolaty coffee. Please note that our coffee is not flavored all that comes from the soil and the perfect combination of the 2 varieties and its unique profile roast that no one can copy.

So we wanted to create this young unique delicious product that you could enjoy and have an amazing experience without being a barista. And just making it in your regular coffee machine. And one of the unique traits of our coffee is that we roast in small batches so it always fresh that you can enjoy it easily in your home.




Keep in cool and dry place.

The Sweetest Dude

Our team's mission is to share what's good, providing clean and sustainable product that enhance life. We source directly from the farm who they extends their earnings to their fieldworkers in fair trade.