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Soy Candle - Air's Aura

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Sattvaslives is a young brand that specializes in creating candles for aromatherapy and meditation. This particular candle, Air's Aura, Cultivates fluency, will and creativity.

This beautiful candle is handmade in Panama with 100% natural soy. The principal fragrances are Eucalyptus • Lemon • Verbena, however the aroma has been created with a mixture of oils and natural essences. Its wick is made of wood which makes a relaxing, crackling, and comforting sound.

Fragrance Notes: 
Citrus aromas, refreshing and happy.
TOP: Lemon, Lavender.
MEDIUM: Verbena, Citronella.
BASE: Eucalyptus, Root of Florence.
9oz | 255gr

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