Clutch De Mola Starry

Proveedor Viviendo


Estos hermosos bolsos cosidos a mano están hechos de una combinación de tejidos, cada uno con una auténtica pieza de mola de los indígenas Kuna de Panamá. Cada uno incluye una calcomanía de cremallera colgante de tagua natural y detalles de madera. 

11,5 "x 7,5"

About Viviendo

At Viviendo we focus on the importanceof fair jobs and sustainable development. A truly fair trade initiative, our products are proof that crafting traditions and caring for the environment can find common ground, resulting in beautiful and meaningful products.

Viviendo is a Panamanian company focused on Social Sustainability. We do not donate a percentage of our sales, instead we share knowledge and empower individuals through meaningful employment, both legacies that will endure. Over 80% of our artisans are women from rural areas of the country.

The Process

Our project revitalizes artisan handicrafts through innovation, creativity and quality. We are environmentally sustainable, using only natural and recycled materials. 

Zaira is responsible for designing the products, but works together with women from central provinces of the country for the production of every piece. She travels deep in the countryside, and trains women to help her make the beautiful pieces that are part of our line of products.