Zero Waste Box

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This box contains three curated products from brands that are 100% committed to respecting our environment, repurposing used elements, such as plastic and creating beautiful things out of it. The box contains:

A beautiful recycled plastic bowl. This plastic bowl is made from approximately 420 grams of PS (type 6 plastic). Our friends from Clandestino, did this after having received a lot of plastic from the community (in Casco Viejo), they washed it, processed it and gave it a second life. Now this recycled plastic comes to life as a fresh bowl for your home. Someone that does not pay much attention would say that it is made of the most luxurious Venetian glass. 

Brand: Clandestino Labs

A large wooden spatula. Perfect to cook, drain liquids or sauces. They do not damage or scratch the surface of your pots and pans. Made from sustainable wood, which is biodegradable. Pine is a wood that does not change the taste of food. No dyes or plastic involved. Maintains natural wood color.

Brand: Trasto 

A set of 2 wooden and epoxy resin coasters, hand carved, outlining the country of Panama.

Brand: Jani Aguilar Art