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Cafe Rogusta

Cofee Beans Farmer

Our Story

In the midst of beautiful mountains and small valleys with perfect microclimates for coffee cultivation, the Hacienda Rogusta, located and operating since 2008, is a self-sustaining family farm where we harvest pure coffee, free of pesticides and herbicides. With plantations of various organic crops and animals that create an ecosystem of high biodiversity and fertile land, at Hacienda Rogusta we are proud to produce high quality artisan coffee that integrates and respects the land and its gifts. 

Our Partner Farmers

Our collaborators and farmers know very well the land they till and harvest, since -in the vast majority- they come from adjacent towns. This allows them to find sustainable and natural solutions that help the product that is harvested to be 100% natural and fertilized by elements that come from the same land. The Hacienda Rogusta coffee mill is made up of coffee plantations, a processing plant, roasting and packaging.

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Our Mission

From our table in the lowland mountains of Panama to your table with love.

Rogusta Cafe Robusta

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Robusta Bean

80% More Caffeine Than The Arabica Bean

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Ground or Whole Bean

400g, Produced & Packaged in Panama

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100% Pure in Origin

Without Additives, Herbicides or Pesticides

Rogusta's Product Line