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Kindly Shop is an honest marketplace in support of artisans, creatives, independent brands, and small businesses. We harbor a curated selection of high quality products that derive from small batch productions across Latin America.

Each brand in Kindly Shop has been selected because of their story, progressive social or ecological impact, and the quality of the products they offer.


Our first curated inventory starts in Panama. This is also where Kindly Shop begins, in the fruitful heat of the tropics. We envision the expansion of this sojourn across Latin America. As we continue to experience different countries and cultures, we hope to share the meaningful stories guiding the process of artisans and their work.


In an evolving world and shifting economies, it is now more important than ever, to change the way we consume and what types of businesses we support.

Meet Our Team

Kindly Shop was created in 2020 by a small group of friends in Casco Viejo, Panama (see video above). Each one of us comes from a different industry but we all share a common admiration for artisanal work and creative projects. 

Chevy Tyler is a Director of Photography and Filmmaker dedicated to capturing the quiet yet profound nuances of human experiences, with a particular focus on womxn’s stories. Her international work includes documentary partnerships, intimate commissions, and large scale commercial projects that align with social impact narratives.


Originally from Toronto, Canada, Brittany jumped on a plane by herself at 21 to start a new adventure. She began her entrepreneurial journey in Panama in 2010, in the Caribbean side of Bocas del Toro where she opened her first restaurant. Since her move to Panama City in 2015, Brittany has opened four additional restaurants sourcing for the most sustainable ways to support local farmers.


Adriana is Bolivian. She enters Kindly Shop from the social, NGO/UN world. She lived in six countries between Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia. The founder of Keara Bags, Adriana is equally as passionate about businesses that compel change and carry social impact as their main component.


Juan Pablo was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. He started his career in a consulting firm in Caracas, then he moved to telecommunications. Since 2015 he has been in OBSF, currently leading the purchasing department. He enjoys home brewing, scuba diving, mountain biking and occasionally jumping from planes.

We are so grateful you've taken an interest in Kindly Shop. We invite and encourage you to discover the stories behind our partner vendors.

Chevy, Brit, Adri, Juan