Founder Priscila actually studied and practiced law but 5 years ago, she embarked upon her ceramic journey because of an innate need to create with her hands. The pace of life we lead is unstoppable and often unforgiving, and ceramics taught her the value of knowing the art of precision and patience. With ceramics, we must work WITH time, not against it, and wait for the exact moment to proceed with each step.

Each Koto piece is handmade, one by one. Priscilla kneads them, shapes them, caresses them with sandpaper and enamel. No two pieces are exactly alike. With Koto Cerámica, Priscila tries to make beautiful yet functional pieces, in different formats: trays, plates, cups, jugs, bathroom sets. She also makes decorative pieces, murals, tiles.


Koto’s main inspiration is nature. Ceramics unites the four elements: earth, which with water turns into mud, air that dries and fire that resists. That is why the energy that a ceramic piece possesses is unequaled.

The world of ceramics is very special, infinite, and always involves fearless experimentation (with shapes, materials and finishes). When you hold a piece of clay, you have in your hand a universe of possibilities. When a customer invests in a Koto piece for their home, it is the materialization of that experiment, the outcome of that possibility.