Panamanian Coffe Ground

By Leda


100% Arabic coffee. Cultivated in 1500 mts altitude in Boquete Highlands in Panama.




100% Arabic. Premium blend of 4 varieties: catuai, caturra, typica, catimor.


Aluminum, OPP/CPP. It is recyclable, reusable. Especially for food. Nice to look at and texture. The packaging is reusable. You can extend the life to use with other foods to store or recycle properly.



A Panamanian brand with a Ukrainian heart. I am Valeria. A Ukrainian who loves Panama and Panamanian products.

I make home-made granola and bread with all natural and locally sourced ingredients, focused on a healthy lifestyle. My products are perfect if you ar celiac or enjoy guilt-free savory and nutritious snacks.