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Bateas Platter

These hand carved platters are made by Bredios in the mountains of Río Seco. Bredios, is a master of wood carving. He learned the trade from his father when he was 17 years old, an inheritance that has more than three generations in his family.
Made with hawthorn cedar, you can identify the tree by its distinctive thorns on the trunk. In optimal conditions, it is a fast-growing wood, which is ideal to represent the trees used to make Trasto platters. 
Say goodbye to germs! We protect your trays with special 100% natural and pure linseed oil, to prevent germs and stains. Safe for food. Include a linseed oil with your purchase, we will explain how to use it. With proper care it will stay in your family for generations.
Do you want to customize them? Write to us! Laser engraving from $10 per word.

Avoid long exposure to liquids.
Small (1.8kg)
17 cm x 25 cm
Set of 6 Small (10.8kg)
17 cm x 25 cm
Medium (3kg)
26 cm x 40 cm 
Large (4.8kg)
35 cm x 50 cm 
Production time: Up to 3 weeks

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