Bone Gold Cutarras


La Cutarra dates from pre-Hispanic Panama and is the basic footwear of Panamanians in the rural parts of the country. Handmade cutarra by authentic Panamanian artisans. The materials we use are hand-painted leather with suede in the inside, a leather insole created by the artisans and a sole of foam.

These sandals our custom made to size. If your size is unavailable, you can expect a production time of up to 10 days. 

Hand-Cut Soft Leather: With each use, our soft hand-cut leather molds to the shape of your foot over time, leaving you with a comfortable pair of shoes that fit just you. A durable rubber outsole provides advanced traction. We do them well, you make them perfect.

Made with Less Waste: When building leather goods, shoe and apparel companies are known to produce high waste, cutting out abnormal shapes and leaving unusable scratches. Because our cutarras are made with smaller leather strips, we are able to use up to 95% of our raw material compared to other brands that can only use up to 60%.

  • Leather straps with internal suede
  • Insole or leather cowhide with decorative rosettes
  • Rubber sole / Eva Foam

By buying these sandals you are helping to preserve a Panamanian tradition and a legacy of more than 500 years: your enthusiasm for our Santé Cutarras plays an important role in supporting the work of our artisans in the interior of Panama. For this, we are grateful.

Learn more about Sante Cutarras here.