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Bowl of Memories | Textile Art


This unique contemporary textile is made by Loana, the creator and founder behind Lapu Fiber Art. Although she is originally from Venezuela, she is currently working and living in Panama City. She sources her materials locally in Panama.

Name: Bowl of Memories
Year: 2020
Size: 42x42cm
Organic memory is the memory that registers what escapes reasoning; they are a series of actions that allow us to methodically fix something in the "original" memory of my human self. It is doing something against doing nothing. It is the performance of spontaneity, without speculating on what has been produced; is to avoid the distraction of what really lives in me.

Organic memory is the footprint itself without questioning what it produces.

The proposal is to develop a series of textile pieces that will be linked to the longings that live in memory, the product of confinement. It is the return of the memory of myself, in a continuous learning to survive with what I know best about me. Each piece constitutes a daily exercise, which completes an imaginary map of memories, which have taken shape as the process of self-re-knowledge progresses.

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