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Calladitas Box


The Calladitas Box is the result of a collaboration between the Calladitas No Más Podcast (find it on Spotify) and Kindly Shop. 

Calladitas No Más is much more than a podcast. They are a space of sorority that is in charge of sharing stories and exploring various topics in order to inspire and celebrate Latin American women.

The purpose of the Calladitas Box X Kindly Shop is to promote the culture of shopping local. Enjoy the Calladitas while you listen to an episode of Calladitas No Más Podcast. Additionally, a percentage of Calladitas Box sales will support them in raising funds to continue expanding their podcast.

The box contains: 

1 Neck & Back Pillow, scented with lavender essential oil. Brand: Lila.

1 Coco Moon Aromatherapy Room & Body Spray. Made with flower extracts derived from Hibiscus and Ylang Ylang. Brand: Punta Coco.

1 Scented Soy Candle. The candles are available in 6 different scents: Magical Joy, Inner Guide, Gentle Action, Acceptance Space, Love Consciousness, Equitable Mind. Choose your favorite! Brand: Sattvaslives.