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Ceramic Candle


Kindly Shop's purpose is to connect people with impactful artisan stories and their products, but we are also here to build community. We aim at promoting collaborations between the brands that are part of our marketplace.

Today we bring you a collaboration between Sattvaslives and La Casa Lu, two elements come together to create a candle integrated into a piece of art. The incredible Sattvaslives candles have been placed inside of a colorful ceramic container, made by the hands of the three artisan women of La Casa Lu.

We are completely in love with this new piece! 

Check out the photos of when these 4 amazing women (3 from La Casa Lu: Rosalba, July and Mary) & 1 from Sattvaslives (Valentina) gathered to talk about the product, their brands, hang out and have some fun.


Contains 4,5 oz - and comes in four different Sattvaslives fragrances:

Equitable Mind: Pomegranate • Ginger • Palo Santo

Magical Joy: Grapefruit • Gardenia • Sandalwood

Love Consciousness: Rose • Warm Amber • Jasmine

Gentle Action: Rosemary • Honey • Ylang Ylang

Learn more about Sattvaslives here.

Learn more about La Casa Lu here.