Wall Decor "Rust Collection"


Art piece in 100% natural cotton and silk fabrics, made with natural textile dyeing, with recycled metal pieces and mounted on circular wooden canvas. For decorative use, for walls, avoid placing in damp places.

Set of 3


100% natural cotton and silk fabrics

Care Instructions

Do not wash or remove from the canvas, avoid spraying any substance as it could generate a chemical reaction and discolor or alter the color of the piece.


Fabric is biodegradable.

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Hippie Couture

Hippie Couture was born as a textile jewelry design brand that changed its course when I discovered the processes that make the textile industry one of the most polluting on the planet.

“I loved textiles and their benefits for sustainability, but I began to wonder how to use them in a more responsible way, and that is how, little by little, the metamorphosis occurred, a world of beautiful fabrics became a living workshop, a space for textile art. , with organic raw materials and the colors of nature.”

Since then, creating a better world from a more ethical and conscientious vision became my need and life project. I want to continue creating but with balance, sharing with other people, perhaps in this way we can begin to build a world of more harmony and well-being for all.

About Hippie Couture

Hello, I'm Cathy Bolivar the hands behind Hippie Couture.
Hippie Couture is a lighter way of living, with more harmony and well-being. Living a hippie life is connecting with our nature and embracing it with a lot of self-love and empathy towards everyone and everything around us.
Hippie Couture is harmony, it is adjusting some habits that do not satisfy us or do not make us feel so proud, for others that make us feel more free, responsible and aware, but above all it is discovering what motivates us and connects us with our humanity.
Hippie Couture is inspiration, mental and emotional well-being.
It is for those who want to live a more authentic life, who are looking for a change, who live positively and who prioritize their well-being. It is for the idealists, for those who feel that they can change the world and who are aware that this is not possible if the change does not initiate by themselves.