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Fermented Ginger Tea


Food6oz of fermented ginger magic. Korean Momma's Ginger Tea is a healthy, multipurpose staple that every home should have. 

Crafted with precision and care, these jars of liquid gold are full of probiotic goodness. Fermented for 6+ months, this tea helps maintain a clean and healthy gut. Korean Momma's ginger tea facilitates the digestion process and helps support overall wellbeing.

We call it a tea to give an example, but it can be used in so many ways. Normally 1 table spoon in on cup of hot water for the traditional tea.

  • Add to cold gassy water and make it into a ginger beer type soda
  • Marinate pork with it (great with some tamari sauce, mirin & garlic)
  • Use it as a salad dressing
  • Make a ginger cocktail, like a Whiskey Sour using the tea. 

Care Suggestions:
Once it is opened, recommended to store in fridge. But if you live in a cool area, you can keep it room temperature. It's natural to see some fungus grow if you leave it in environments that are fecund. If you see it, just scoop it out and keep enjoying the tea. The more time passes, it becomes vintage. Fermentation is a never ending process. The more time the the more valuable!

Find out more about Korean Momma here.

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kara p.
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I have yet to use it as a tea, but as I’ve topped brie, cheesecake and added it to bubbly water, all amazing. Just wondering, should I refrigerate after opening?