Handmade Clay Pots



These handmade clay pots are perfect to serve individual portions, keep garlic, ginger, turmeric, make gorgeous buddha bowls, and much more. They come in large, medium and small. 

You can cook in them and serve directly. They heat up evenly and retain heat.




Small: 10 cm diameter x 5 cm height
Medium: 13 cm diameter x 6 cm height
Large: 15 cm diameter x 8 cm height

Care Instructions

Safe for the oven, stove, grill and dishwasher.


Our Products

Behind Trasto´s products you can find a team of around 12 workshops and more than 20 people. The artists own their own workshops and together with Trasto we design and manufacture the products for the brand. Our first line is a collection of products for your kitchen and home that we have unearthed among the materials, technology and knowledge that we find in the region. They are honest designs, manufactured by small producers with honest materials and made with love.