Keto Granola

By Leda


Homemade granola made in Panama with local products, completely gluten free, sugar free and low carb. 

Perfect for your breakfast, snack. Very comfortable to have on hand in the car, for travel. You can eat it alone, or mix with yogurt or milk (both animal and vegetable), add to fresh fruit or berry smoothies.




Almonds, pecans, walnut, monk fruit, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax, egg white, organic avocado oil, vanilla, sea salt.


Aluminum, OPP/CPP. It is recyclable, reusable. Especially for food. Nice to look at and texture. The packaging is reusable. You can extend the life to use with other foods to store or recycle properly.


A Panamanian brand with a Ukrainian heart. I am Valeria. A Ukrainian who loves Panama and Panamanian products.

I make home-made granola and bread with all natural and locally sourced ingredients, focused on a healthy lifestyle. My products are perfect if you ar celiac or enjoy guilt-free savory and nutritious snacks.