Life Is Messy CookBook



In a perfect world, we would all be drinking green smoothies (without spilling it on our clothes) + doing yoga poses + taking ourselves to spiritual retreats with Deepak Chopra + waiting until our “cheat day” to eat pizza. Yeeeeah right. Life is messy!!!

Life is Messy Kitchen®: A Quirky Guide to Sane + Happy + Clean Eating features a treasure trove of 115 whole food lovin’ recipes, among them are gluten-free + sugar-free + plenty of vegan + fully raw options. There are fancy things to impress special (read: picky) guests + tasty basics for whip-up-in-no-time weekday meals + sneaky ways to add super ingredients to meals without the kids (or hubby) asking questions.

Every recipes is beautifully photographed + many come with step-by-step photo instructions + clever tips to remove all the guesswork from the equation. Who says you need to be a Food Network Star to cook like one?

Whether you are struggling to trade busy work for a hammock + fill your tote with fresh flowers from the Farmer’s Market (after trying all the samples) or expand your definition of dinner with your man under a starry sky, this book is an invitation to reset our intention around food with a sense of humor + good appetite + a taste for adventure.

About Mayi Carles

Mayi Carles describes herself as a tiny Panamanian artist with a T-REX heart making a living on the internet by being herself + owning her weird + sharing the lessons she’s learned along the way, including the messy middle.

Mayi has been featured on the cover of HOLA Magazine + U.S News + Huffington Post + CreativeLive + ArtfulBlogging + almost all predominant local publications. And has also collaborated with world-renowned brands like Polo Ralph Lauren + Adidas + Roxy + Kielh's + Kate Spade NY.