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Lunar Necklace


This is a very special necklace. On the one hand, the high-quality 925 silver design has personality, it is elegant and distinctive. But the most special thing about this necklace is that it has a compartment where you can put a few drops of your favorite essential oils and feel their fragrance throughout the day. Aromatherapy for the whole day. Fill it up every time you need it.

This necklace is made to order, you will be able to have it in only 7-10 days (or less!)


3.5 cm diameter. It comes with 4 colored pads for the essential oils and a 1mm 28” long leather cord.

About the Lunar Collection 

“The moon is mysterious and beautiful. We have always loved her.

Its phases influence our emotions and our female cycles.

The Lunar Collection is full of mystery and beauty, enchantment and emotion."

Luciana Gobbo, Founder of Mó Joyas de Autora.

Learn more about Mó Joyas de Autora here.