Maria Cookie Chocolate Bar


Many rumors say that the María cookies owe their name to the fact that in the 1920s the Spanish cookie maker Eugenio Fontaneda decided to call them that in honor of his little granddaughter. But the truth is a little more "fancy" than that.
This humble cookie gained its birth and name at a royal event. It was created by the English pastry chef Peek Freans in London, in 1874 to commemorate the wedding of the Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia with Alfredo de Saxe-Coburgo-Gotha, Duke of Edinburgh, that is, that the cookie María is called thus in honor of a Grand Duchess Maria. The "Marie Biscuit" was called by the English pastry chefs.


This venture was born in early 2018 and achieves its position in more than 100 stores in the national market by 2019. In BOCAO we buy our cocoa from micro-producers in the Bocas del Toro region; following all the parameters of Fair Trade, transparency and traceability.By buying national cocoa to make chocolate we are making history; developing the “grain-to-bar” chocolate industry in the country. In BOCAO we offer a 100% Panamanian product in collaboration with producers and artisans in the country.

The Process

This local purchasing project is based on finding the best cocoa origins in Panama and sharing them with the world. The task began a while ago when we bought dry cocoa door to door in the producing communities along the Almirante highway from our pickup. Today with great pride we can say that the BOCAO Plan directly purchases cocoa in baba from more than 20 producers in Bocas del Toro who come to our door with wet cocoa ready to ferment. This point is 100% operated by indigenous producers in the region who carry out the process of fermenting and drying the seed in an artisanal way.