Mykonos Cream Dress


The Mykonos dress is ideal for that summer getaway, with a mainly linen fabric we can guarantee the freshness that you will feel all day. Dress with a v-neckline, tuxedo neckline, two large pockets on one side and U-shaped cut, and short sleeves.


Walking towards changing the world!

Madre Tierra is a Colombian organic clothing brand founded by Juliana and Manuela Trujillo, two cousins ​​in love with the environment and sustainability. With a vision that the fashion industry needed a stylish and sustainable clothing brand, that allows us to dress nicely without abandoning our dream of being more aware and consistent with our dream of sustainability.

It's a sustainability path of honesty and love for the planet. We want to walk along other dreamers, to make the textile industry an engine of change. This is a long and challenging path, but we believe we can change the world, thread by thread, stitch by stitch.

Our Story

Madre Tierra came to Panama by the hand of Marta Moreno and Rafael Moreno, two brothers, who believe that Panama needs a change. Seeing ourselves surrounded by two oceans, we believe that we must live in harmony with nature, take care of it and leave it clean.

We aspire to create a change in Panamanian culture, promoting sustainable fashion and responsible consumption. We believe in a responsible and comprehensive lifestyle, consistent with what we consume and do. This is how the Madre Tierra journey came about in Panama.

We want to be a path towards sustainability and responsibility with our mother earth.

Our Products

Recovered cotton / Organic cotton / Recycled polyester

All our textiles and garments are friendly to the environment as we use textile waste as raw material, preventing it from going to landfill or incineration and giving this material a second life. We are less dependent on virgin raw materials and save water, energy, CO2 emissions and toxic chemicals.

Did you know?


    70% of pet bottles around the world end up in oceans or landfills. And these can take 100 years to decompose.

    We understand polyester is still a problematic material, but by making fibers from plastic bottles we can prevent them from ending up in the sea or in landfills.


    20% of the textiles used in fashion end up as waste that pollutes our planet.

    90% of that waste is recyclable, and only 3% is actually recycled.


    It uses 91% less water than conventional cotton and produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

    It does not use fertilizers, pesticides and does not employ mechanized agricultural practices.