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Organic Balm - Rescue

by Prisma

This balm helps moisturize parched skin. It is an organic and healthy alternative to petrolatum. 

Organic + Unscented

Use: Dry Skin, Hands, Cuticles, Feet, Elbows, Knees, Lips, Hair

Ingredients: olive oil * (olea europaea); coconut oil * (cocos nucifera); shea butter * (vitellaria paradoxus); Bee wax*. *organic

Did you know that vaseline (petroleum jelly) does not have moisturizing properties because it creates a waterproof barrier and does not allow moisture or beneficial ingredients from other products to be absorbed? It gives the false impression that the skin is hydrated, but it also retains dirt, sweat and bacteria.

This rescue is an excellent alternative to conventional vaseline!

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