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Par Bracelet


The Par Bracelet has an exclusive Mó design and is adjustable. Handmade in high quality 925 silver. Complete your look with a Par Ring!

One size: The bracelet is open at the front and adjustable.

Dimensions: details are 2.5 cm (width).

About the Partes Collection :

“The Partes Collection is a reverence for the cities in which I lived, the places where I passed and each special person who has passed my way.

I don't walk alone.

I left some of my “parts” on the way. And I carry with me the parts of other people.

If some parts (mine) are missing, other parts (of the others) complement me. ”

Luciana Gobbo, founder of Mó Joyas de Autora.

All the pieces have an exclusive Mó © design and are made of high quality 925 silver. Like all handmade products, no piece is the same as the other and its imperfections make it unique and special. This jewel is accompanied by a sponge to clean and maintain it.

Learn more about Mó Joyas de Autora here.