By Chacha


Our bags pompons are perfect to give a pop of color to your bags or hang to anything you like! Choose your favorite color and have fun!


43 cm (width) x 34 cm (height)


Hand woven recycled plastic.


Chacha Bags

Our brand is inspired by Luisa Sáez Moreno. Known by the nickname of Chacha, but for us she went by the name of "abuela", one of the most beautiful, elegant and intelligent women we have ever met. We believe that there is no more comforting person in the world than a grandmother. We want you to take a little piece of ours with you every time you purchase an accessory and makes you feel comfortable, unique and let you reflect your personality to the fullest.

-Anna and Carol💗


Plastic can be recycled one to two times and be transformed into a new plastic product.
Our bags are hand woven recycled plastic, its the perfect way to get something you love and help the planet at the same time!!

Bags are water resistant, easily foldable and washable.