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Rogusta Cold Brew Bottle

by Rogusta

Many times you want the effect of coffee at night but dont want to drink a hot beverage or its just not readily accessible. Boosta Cold Brew is the answer. Its made from single origin red honey processed organic fine robusta beans from Coclé, Panamá that contain twice the amount of caffeine than arabica beans.

Its 100% Pure Cold Brewed Coffee Filtered for 24 hours, Sugar Free. Its Floral, Honey, Sweet, Spicy, Oaky, Earthy, Light Citrus Orange Acidity, Pleasantly Bitter, Creamy with lots of body. Unlike regular coffee, cold brew is never exposed to heat. It uses time, rather than heat to extract the coffee's oils, sugars, and caffeine. It brings out the delicious flavor compounds (and some of the caffeine) from coffee beans, but leaves behind a myriad bitter oils and biting fatty acids, including undesirable elements. 

Learn more about Cafe Rogusta Coffee Farm here.