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Sin-fonía | Textile Art



Author: Loana Hernández Aular
Measurements: 42 x 42 cms
Technique: Tapestry / textile
Year: 2020

Symphony is the story of a period of great anxiety, in which my daughter stopped listening 100% and I began to listen to myself in a way that I had never done before.

This piece was to be exhibited at an event that was canceled due to the appearance of the coronavirus. When I was called to corroborate the event invitation, my heart and mind weren't at all in tune with finishing a tapestry. Anxiety, fear and insecurity reigned at my door for many weeks - They are still a little there.

My artistic process is very controlled. I tend to linger choosing colors, patterns, I make many sketches until I don't know which one to choose. This is not the case for this piece.

This piece is the human flexibility made tapestry. In order to meet the supposed delivery date, there was a lot of improvisation, with the materials, with the workspace, with the company while working, and with life itself. .

Today I have decided to publish the piece and complete this accompanying writing, because with all the situation I see in relation to the coronavirus, it has made me reflect even more on EMPATHY, one of my favorite topics to deal with in any conversation. The people around us sometimes show NO EMPATHY, and believe that their lives revolve around a single world, theirs. As I said to someone very dear a few days ago: there are many worlds spinning all the time.

Symphony is the demonstration of reality for my family and for me. I have many feelings surrounding the moment in which I made this piece; so many things made sense, and so many others lost it.

Sofia and her “phone” matter more to me than exposing or making a tapestry. Shining as a mother is the greatest job I can have, it is what I feel; And, the healing effect of art is one of the things I am most grateful for in my life.

I have changed too much.
It can be a curved line in different facets of a life.

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