Sterling Silver Snake Ring


Quetzalcóatl, meaning feathered serpent, is a symbol of tradition. Quetzalcóatl was worshiped in many pre-Hispanic civilizations, and is a teacher of our indigenous ancestors. Believing in cultural diversity, you pass on the beauty of customs and traditions.

Snake: 15 mm

How to Use
Care Instructions

Jewelry made to be worn everyday.

Real silver tarnishes quickly, but the best way to prevent this is to wear your silver jewelry! We only recommend taking off your jewelry when doing rough work.

If your silver tarnishes, soak with ½ cup white vinegar and 2 tablespoons baking soda. Storing your silver jewelry in a jewelry bag or airtight bag prevents tarnishing.

Javier's Story

*Jewelry Created To Empower*

Javier’s Story was created in 2020 by Jessica Arthur. Named after our jeweler, my mission is to empower artisans and you. The jewelry is real, affordable, created for everyday wear, and recounts stories of Latin American people, history, and literature.