T-shirt "Progreso"


A basic comfy t-shirt with a round neck and short sleeves with a loose fit. Stylish, simple and with straightforward powerful messages. 

We love the sober minimalistic design that the two girls from Esse Canvas are putting forward. Their creations are inspiring and meaningful. 

T-shirts are made with 100% Peruvian pima cotton and the embroidery is made by the girls themselves in Panama. 

Learn more about Esse Canvas here.


Esse Canvas

At the beginning, we wanted to share conversations and reflections that we usually had in an artistic manner. We wanted something flexible, with movement (why not?). An art that is transmitted organically and that travels the world.

So, we found our perfect canvas: A T-SHIRT. A basic piece of white, comfortable and versatile, where each design is the abstraction of a thread of thoughts and has its particular meaning, seeking that each person interpret and enjoy it in their own way.

Our purpose is to spark conversations and connections, which begin with us and continue with you, thus creating a collective process.