Picante Afro Medium Hot Sauce


Artisanal Afro-Caribbean hot sauce with rich texture and the aroma of our Caribbean cuisine. The level of heat is medium, being in your mouth you will first feel the combination of flavors of the ingredients, and at the end the rich non-invasive heat.

Its ingredients are 100% fresh and of high quality. No preservatives or artificial flavors. Suitable for all kinds of meals or as an ingredient for your preparations.

We recommend you to shake the bottle before serving, Keep at room temperature or refrigerated.


Vinegar, onion, mustard (distilled vinegar, water, mustard seed, salt, and paprika (spices), spice, natural flavor, garlic powder, red pepper, coriander, celery, habanero pepper, brown sugar , garlic, turmeric.



Who's Tio Ivan?

Let me start by telling you my story. I started cooking secretly in my house since I was 9 years old, against all odds and scolding from Mrs. Narci, my mother. One day I got courage and asked her to cook dinner for my 6 siblings, for her and my father. Excited, I got to it, although I only knew how to make eggs, fried plantains and puff pastry "without baking powder" but that day the only thing that was regular for me was the salad (lettuce with tomato).

Noticing my courage and above all my desire to be a cook, they supported me so much that it gave me the courage to start my first business… selling food from home when I was 25 years old.