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Trio Conchas Arena Ring


Trio of solitary rings (two in the shape of shells and one in the shape of a shell filled with “volcanic sand”). Three rings in one! We love the creativity of Mó Joyas de Autora, since her pieces seek for the functional aspect of jewerly, without neglecting the aesthetics.


0.8 x 0.8 cm*

*Every "conchita" or shell is handmade with silver by casting silver in water, therefore its shapes and sizes can vary. 

This ring is made to order, tailored to your own size, we can have it ready for you in only 7-10 days. Please refer to the size guide under this product to make sure you are providing us with the correct measures for your ring. Thank you!

About the Venao Collection

“Inspired by the Pacific coast of Panama and its black volcanic sands. An impressive landscape, almost lunar, in black and white tones. Beauty appears in the contrasts: the white foam of the waves touching the sand, the shells sprinkled along the path, the sand glistening when the sun hits. The Venao Collection brings elements of the sea to jewelry. Sand is the main character in this collection, it was brought from the beaches of Venao during my travels. Silver, in its organic form, looks like shells and marine organisms.

Welcome to Venao, feel the sea wind blowing on your skin and let yourself be carried away by it.”

Luciana Gobbo, founder of Mó Joyas de Autora.

Learn more about Mó Joyas de Autora here.